2023 Clio Entertainment Jury

Jury Chairs

  • Aarti Thiagarajan

    Head of Brand Partnerships
  • Michael Washington

    Creative Director
    Trailer Park Group
  • Pia Chaozon Barlow

    EVP Marketing
    HBO & HBO Max
  • John Battle

    Head of Global Marketing Creative
    Riot Games
  • Sarah Gerona

    Global Creative Director
    BBC Studios Creative
  • Kerianne Lentz

    EVP & Creative Director
    Tiny Hero
  • Chad Miller

    AV Squad
  • Aaron Gershman

    VP, Creative Advertising
  • Aveedeh Shahbazi

    VP, Creative Advertising
    The Walt Disney Studios
  • Yuhei Ogawa

    Creative Director / Editor
  • Matt Hernandez

    SVP, Head of Design
  • Bonnie Korling Wintringham

    Executive Director
    Warner Bros.
Audio | Visual Craft Jury
Image of Yuhei Ogawa
Audio | Visual Craft

Yuhei Ogawa
Creative Director / Editor

TOLUCA LAKE, USA // A soul of a hypebeast with a sprinkle of environmental Messiah Complex, Yuhei (“YOU-HEY”) is a passionate storyteller with 20 years of experience in ... Read More

  • Michael Abdelaal

    Seismic Productions
  • Adam Agard

    VP & Senior Editor
  • Leeorah Betan-Hartman

    Creative Director/ Editor
    Pool Party Creative
  • Miguel Branco

    Senior Editor
    Rogue Planet
  • Ben Brown

    VP, Head of Film
  • Gabe Converse

    Creative Director
    The Refinery
  • Chris Devine

    Producer/Senior Editor
    Giaronomo Productions
  • Matthew Diamond

    Creative Director
  • Charlotte Dwan

    Head of Production - US
    Intermission Film
  • Jon Wiley

    Workshop Creative
  • Lauren Zoller

    Lead Editor
    Project X/AV
Audio | Visual Theatrical Jury
Image of Chad Miller
Audio | Visual Theatrical

Chad Miller
AV Squad

LOS ANGELES, USA // Starting his career as an editor, Chad's passion for music and sound has been a driving force in every creative task he has tackled. Today, as presid... Read More

  • Matt Brubaker

    Chief Creative Officer
    Buddha Jones
  • Zoe Chau

    VP, Creative Director
    Create Advertising
  • Joshua Dunn

    Creative Director
    The Walt Disney Studios
  • Des Esposito

    Creative Director | Partner
    Major Major
  • Megan Farrell

    Co-Owner / Creative Director
    Level Up AV
  • David J. Kim

    Senior Trailer Editor
    Mark Woollen and Associates
  • Stephanie Krall

    Senior Editor
  • Valerie Krulfeifer

    Netflix Creative Studio
  • Justin Slobig

    Creative Director/SVP Creative Advertising
    Inside Job/Universal Pictures
  • Nick Temple

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer
    Wild Card Creative Group
  • Christina Tortorici

    VP, Creative Director
Branded Content & Partnerships Jury
Image of Aarti Thiagarajan
Branded Content & Partnerships

Aarti Thiagarajan
Head of Brand Partnerships

LOS ANGELES, USA // Aarti Thiagarajan leads US Brand Partnerships and Partnership Creative at Netflix. She oversees an interdisciplinary team - spanning business develop... Read More

  • Lucas Bongioanni

    Executive Creative Director
    The Community
  • Rhasheda Boyd

    VP, Better Choice Snacking Portfolio
  • Katherine Dore

    VP, Creative
    AMC Networks
  • Michael Foronda

    VP, Creative Director
    Paramount Brand Studio
  • Liz Levy

    VP, Executive Creative Director
  • Chris Lisciandro

    VP, Creative Marketing Partnerships & Promotions
    The Walt Disney Company
  • Mara Maxfield

    VP, Global Brand Partnerships
    Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Elana Sulzer

    Global Category Development Officer, Entertainment
  • Brian Toombs

    Head of Content, Roku Brand Studio
  • Juan Woodbury

    EVP, Global Head of Branded Content and Entertainment
Design Jury
Image of Matt Hernandez

Matt Hernandez
SVP, Head of Design

LOS ANGELES, USA // With over 18 years of experience in design, Matt specializes as a Creative Leader working with streaming, networks and exterior agencies. He has held... Read More

  • Aporva Baxi

    Executive Creative Director / Co-Founder
  • Casey Brickner

    VP of Creative, Branding & Design
  • Karin Fong

    Imaginary Forces
  • Rosie Garschina

    Executive Creative Director
  • Mary Miazgowicz

    Creative Director of Graphics
    Motive Creative
  • Maral Mofrad

    VP Creative, Brand & Title Marketing
    Showime Networks
  • Mitch Monson

    Executive Director, Creative and Partnerships
    Sibling Rivalry
  • Pash Pashkow

    Head of Brand & Design
    Apple TV+
  • Lori Shefa

    Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
  • Steve Viola

    SVP @ FX — Creative, Branding, Design & Content
    FX Networks
  • Marcel Ziul

    ECD / Founder
Digital | Mobile & Social Media Jury
Image of Michael Washington
Digital | Mobile & Social Media

Michael Washington
Creative Director
Trailer Park Group

HOLLYWOOD, USA // Michael Washington is a Creative Director at Trailer Park Group. There he leads creative efforts on a wide variety of marketing content, including feat... Read More

  • Jessica Babila

    SVP Digital Marketing
  • Nana Bediako

    Creative Director, Entertainment
  • Rachel Berman

    VP, Digital Marketing
    Focus Features
  • Agustin Castellani

    Executive Creative Director EMEA
  • Valerie Kan

    Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Lin Park

    VP, Digital Marketing
    Paramount Pictures
  • Leah Rubin-Cadrain

    Head of Creative, Arcadia
    Snap, Inc.
  • Brick Rucker

  • Kylee Serlin

    Director, Social Media
    BLT Communications
  • Andrew Timms

    Executive Producer
    Ignition Creative
Experiential | Innovation | Fan Engagement Jury
Image of Pia Chaozon Barlow
Experiential | Innovation | Fan Engagement

Pia Chaozon Barlow
EVP Marketing

LOS ANGELES, USA // LOS ANGELES, USA // Pia Chaozon Barlow is a global brand and content marketer at the intersection of tech and entertainment, with a passion for creat... Read More

  • Jen Louis Barrett

    Global Head of Entertainment, Creative Experiences
  • Gerry Batson

    Co-President, Creative Advertising
    Territory Studio
  • Damien Cortese

    VP, Client Strategy
  • Monica Herman

    VP, Group Creative Director
    Giant Spoon
  • Michael Monello

    Partner, Creative Director
  • Kimberly Paige

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Paramount Global - BET
  • Inessah Selditz

    Executive Creative Director
  • Bettina Sherick

    Global Head of Digital Insights
    Prime Video
  • Jasen Smith

    Founder & Chief Experience Officer
    Experiential Supply Co
  • Jacob Weinreich

    Chief Marketing Officer
    TV2 Denmark
Games Jury
Image of John  Battle

John Battle
Head of Global Marketing Creative
Riot Games

MAR VISTA, USA // John Battle is the Senior Director of Marketing Creative Direction at Riot Games, and the head of the Global Marketing Creative team for Riot Games Pub... Read More

  • Melissa Bell

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sam Clarke

    VP Strategic Partnerships
    PETROL Advertising
  • Scott Cookson

    EVP & Executive Creative Director at Ayzenberg
  • Noah Eichen

    Executive Creative Director
    Mutiny, a Trailer Park Group Co.
  • David Getson

    Co-Studio Head
    gnet agency
  • Arran Green

    Senior Director of Creative
  • Tom Ham

    Head of Business Development, Gaming
  • Victor Lu

    Twitch Brand Partnership Studio Lead, Americas
  • Adam Novickas

    VP of Marketing
  • Justin Osborne

    Global Head / VP, Growth Marketing
    Activision | Blizzard
  • Alonso Velasco

    Executive Director, Brand Marketing
    WB Games
  • Christina Verdurmen

    Director of Global Marketing Communications, Xbox
  • Ryan Vickers

    Co-Head of Games / Creative Director
Home Entertainment Jury
Image of Bonnie Korling Wintringham
Home Entertainment

Bonnie Korling Wintringham
Executive Director
Warner Bros.

BURBANK, USA // Bonnie Korling Wintringham is a 23-year veteran of the motion picture advertising industry.

Growing up, this native “Valley Girl” had a passion f... Read More

  • Stephanie Bayer

    VP, Creative Services
    Universal Home Entertainment
  • Matt Bornstein

    Art Director
    Tiny Hero
  • Alfred Carnes

    Director | Creative Advertising
  • Samira Danesh

    VP Print Home Entertainment
    Cold Open
  • Kate Harry

    Mob Scene
  • David Heimerl

    Senior Director, Global Creative Services - Home Entertainment
  • Adam Hoelzel

    Creative Lead
    The Walt Disney Company
  • Nofabiana "Nova" Indradjaja

    Creative Director
    BOND Creatives
  • Dontae Mahoney

    Art Director
    CORE Los Angeles
  • Ramsey 'Dingo' Nassar

    Creative Director / Retail Creative Strategist
    DNGO Creative
  • Steve Robinson

    Senior Art Director - Home Ent Graphics Lead
  • Dan Wolf

    SVP, Co-Head of AV / Streaming at LA
    Lindeman & Associates
Key Art Jury
Image of Aaron Gershman
Key Art

Aaron Gershman
VP, Creative Advertising

SANTA MONICA, USA // Aaron forgot to become a famous rockstar and accidentally became Vice President of Creative Advertising for Lionsgate. Despite years honing his song... Read More

  • Adrianne Deluna

    Creative Director
  • Simon Hunt

    VP, Creative
    Midnight Oil
  • Brian Hunt

    VP, Print & Digital
    Formerly Searchlight Pictures
  • Kimberly Leass

    EVP, Creative Accounts
    Legion Creative
  • Kishan Muthucumaru

    Executive Creative Director of Print and Digital
  • Bianca Moran Parkes

    Head of Design
  • Cindy Sakamoto

    Creative Director
  • Peter Stark

    VP, Head of Print
    AV Print
  • Emily Synoski

    Associate Creative Director
    Concept Arts
  • Vince Tran

    Executive Creative Director
Live Entertainment Jury
  • Sandy Block

    Communications Strategist
    Roundabout Theatre Company
  • Christy Borg

    Associate Creative Director
    Serino Coyne
  • Quincy Brown

    Director of Social Media
  • Aaron Coleman

    Creative Director
  • Dina DePina

    SVP, Creative Studio & Digital Operations
    Madison Square Entertainment
  • John Howells

    Managing Director, Creative Services
    Situation Group
  • Ilene Rosen

  • Macy Schmidt

    Founder, CEO
    The Sinfonietta
  • Max Wilson

    Brand Director
  • Ru Murakami Yun

    VP, Head of Consumer Marketing
    BSE Global | Brooklyn Nets
  • Jason Zammit

    Theatrical Marketing Professional
Studio Executive Jury
Image of Aveedeh Shahbazi
Studio Executive

Aveedeh Shahbazi
VP, Creative Advertising
The Walt Disney Studios

LOS ANGELES, USA // Aveedeh Shahbazi is Vice President of Creative Advertising at The Walt Disney Studios and has worked across theatrical and Disney+ marketing campaign... Read More

  • Amanda Edwards

    Creative Advertising & Marketing Consultant
    Amazon Studios
  • Elisa Iovine

    VP, International Marketing
    Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Dana Kirk

    Sr. Director, Films Marketing
  • Lichelli Lazar-Lea

    VP Global Creative Advertising
    Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Claire-Marie Murphy

    VP, Creative Advertising
    Universal Pictures
  • Jaehoon Oh

    VP, Creative Advertising
    Focus Features
  • Brian Pianko

    Head Creative Advertising
    Paramount Pictures
  • Alexa Sheridan

    VP, Creative Advertising
Television Executive Jury
Image of Sarah Gerona
Television Executive

Sarah Gerona
Global Creative Director
BBC Studios Creative

LONDON, UK // Sarah Gerona is a Creative Director for BBC Studios. Leading a multi-award-winning and fully integrated team, she drives creative solutions that connect gl... Read More

  • Valerie Albanese

    SVP, Brand Creative
  • Otto Bell

    SVP & Chief Creative Officer
  • Brenna Britton

    Head of Global Creative Production
    Amazon Studios
  • Aaron Goldman

    EVP Creative Content Marketing, ABC, Hulu, Freeform, ABC News
    The Walt Disney Company
  • Lissy L'Amoreaux

    Director of Creative, Originals Marketing
    HBO + Max
  • Stacey Libbrecht

    VP, Creative Services
  • Lara Richardson

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Hallmark Media
  • Amanda Smith

    VP Marketing
Television Video Promo Jury
Image of Kerianne Lentz
Television Video Promo

Kerianne Lentz
EVP & Creative Director
Tiny Hero

LOS ANGELES, USA // What do you get when you combine a fast-talking soccer coach, an 80’s exercise video tycoon, and transforming robots? You get only a fraction of the ... Read More

  • Bas Alberts

    Creative Director / Owner
  • Mikki Bennett

    Senior Manager, Creative Marketing | HBO + Max Originals
    Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Diana Dixon

    Founder/Chief Executive Creative Director
  • Patricio Hoter

    Creative Director / Senior Editor
  • Dhruv Kumar

    Senior Editor / Associate Creative Director
    Ignition Creative
  • Danielle LaFortune

    SVP Head of TV Streaming
    Big Picture Entertainment
  • Nicholas Lucin

    SVP, Executive Producer
    Definition 6
  • Lon Moeller

    Co-Owner / President
    Open Road
  • Joe Nichols

    Executive Creative Director
    Northern Lights Agency
  • Alex Pecor

    Senior Producer
  • Ileanna Sawyer

    Senior Writer/Producer
    FX Networks
  • Sherri Sollinger

    Creative Director
    Revolve Agency
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